Manifesto South East Alego Ward 

Food insecurity

Provide subsidized seeds and fertilizer, increase training on modern farming practices support linkages with agricultural experts to provide real-time expertise on high-yielding crops to be planted based on the varied rainfall patterns in the different parts of the area.

Water scarcity

Increase access to clean water in the area by expanding piped water from main line to villages and sinking boreholes, constructing water dams and water pans, increase roof water catchment.

Poor roads

Expand road network, repair and maintain existing roads.


Improve education standards in the area by improving physical school facilities, sharing of resources among schools and making the Ward a centre of excellence in terms of ICT skills, becoming the Silicon Valley of Siaya. Sourcing for scholarships, bursaries to support higher education.


Ensure availability of quality health care for residents by encouraging enrollment in NHIF with special attention to widows and orphans. Ensure availability of ambulance services for ferrying critical cases to Siaya Referral, constructing a specialized medical centre to encourage medical tourism from within and outside the County.

Electricity and security

Ensure that all schools and market centers have electricity or solar lighting and main roads to have solar lighting to improve security.

Economic activities

Diversify economic activities by identifying a cash crop and other income-generating agronomic activities such as bee-farming, fish-farming, bananas, etc.

Small businesses and trade

Uplift the businesses by linking traders with sources of capital for increased business.

Employment opportunities

Attract investors, both local and international, to provide job opportunities for the youth, partner with other countries to provide job opportunities for our youth.

Technical Training and skills

Establish at least one additional technical and vocational training college in the area.

Combat climate change

Encourage treeplanting to increase forest cover in the area, starting with schools so that children grown up acknowledging the importance of trees in increasing rainfall and preserving the environment.


The long-term vision is to empower community members to take charge of their own destiny by being able to identify problems and find home-grown solutions. The role of the MCA is to provide strategic leadership, each resident is part of the solution in bringing transformative change in South East Alego. Together, we can!